My start in real estate began early,  my mother entered the commercial real estate industry in the early 70’s. I have many memories of going with her to meet with clients and investors. Many long-standing clients became like family to us, instilling me with the value of relationships and loyalty. My mother transitioned from the commercial sector to residential, and then on to HUD for twenty years. Following her career journey has given me decades of insight into the various spheres of real estate in the Greater Salt Lake Valley. I fell in love with our state at a very early age. My father, a biology teacher, took our family of seven on road trips across the state each summer. His passion for the outdoors rubbed off on me, and even now I love to find new natural treasures right here in the Wasatch Front. 

Through the years I’ve bought and sold investment properties, as well as experiencing first hand the impact owning a home has on a modern, active family. At twenty-one years old, I bought my first home. Married for 27 years, both my husband and I have owned and operated several distribution companies, and together we have raised two sons. Between work, travel, and the flexible nature of homeschooling, having our own home to center our lives around has shaped who I am in the community. It has shaped how I am serving others as a REALTOR.


After all these years, my heart is still in home ownership. I know the feelings first hand: the highs and lows. I know the excitement and fear that can accompany taking the leap and pursuing this dream. I was raised by self-made, hard working people: generations of small business owners and blue collar laborers. I am passionate! I have the perseverance and tenacity to negotiate for the best interests of my clients. I won't give up on your dream, because it's my dream, too. Let's start your success story today!